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Healthcare Nutrition

With our ambition to provide nutritionally superior products, we also provide nutritional advice and training for key stakeholders. We look to fulfill our core purpose through the best products and communications in the category in these roles. As such, we work with a diverse range of healthcare professional customers, including midwives, allergists, GPs and all the way up to UK and international experts. Providing nutritional advice, nutrition training, translating scientific knowledge and developing relationships with key opinion leaders, are all essential activities in our roles.








I know I make a difference everyday to the patients nutritional journey by bringing health through food with the Nutricia portfolio



 We have a team of highly skilled individuals who are really committed to harnessing their nutritional expertise to co-build effective business strategies which promote buisness growth as well as positively influencing health through good nutrition

Working as a hospital account manager in healthcare nutrition solutions, I worked on building strong relationships with healthcare professionals within my territory. These relationships helped me to communicate the nutritional benefits of early life nutrition products

Cross functional working is an essential component to the role of medical account manager and is embodied in our every working day. I value the full engagement from other functions and the willingness to place the customer at the centre of the decision making process