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Supply Chain & Operations

Pretty much everything you touch on a day to day basis is brought to you along a supply chain. A typical supply chain will be managed by different stakeholders adding value to the product or service as it makes its way to the consumer. Product availability is exceptionally important to our consumers, whilst the cost of making, storing and delivering product to the customers is one of our largest business outlays - putting the activities of the supply chain function at the heart of our success. Our supply chain function manages the flow of stock and information between the factory, our warehouse and our customers. In operations and supply chain, we need to collaborate at every stage to ensure we have as much information as possible to plan, produce and deliver our products to meet the business' needs.






No matter which position you hold in the company there is the sense that we are all working together to one common goal and therefore cohesive thinking and sharing is essential








I have had the opportunity to build and develop lasting cross functional relationships





A continuous improvement mind-set drives the organisation and investment in training and development is designed to encourage breakthrough thinking, open communication and an employee empowered environment