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Food & Water Cycle

A five-year plan for transformation defining  our strategic priorities and the changes we want to make over the first five years.  It describes how we will achieve strong, profitable, sustainable growth and deliver fair value to all our stakeholders.



You might have questions about Danone 2020. Our transformation journey in this film.

Three complementary and interdependent streams

Danone 2020 is founded on three complementary and interdependent pillars that cover the scope of our business - our sustainable ways to run it, and our social goals. The common thread running through each of them is the collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders – a key way to ensure their success.

At Danone, we believe that food is health’s most powerful ally. By encouraging healthy diets and lifestyles, we’re nourishing life— meeting the needs and wants of every consumer at each of life’s milestones, with products that respect local cultures. Our aim is to promote healthier eating habits, and selling products is only the start.

Through the Manifesto and Danone 2020, our company is developing a revolutionary approach to tackle health issues through food.  For us, alimentation is more than food and beyond selling healthy food and beverage, we want to promote healthier eating and drinking practices which nourish individuals socially as well as culturally.

Concretely, Danone teams have identified, in collaboration with external partners, health capital territories. In these territories, we are convinced that we could make a difference by offering not only new products but also services, educational programs and other adapted solutions to local needs.

We want to strengthen Danone’s ability to protect and optimize our essential resources—water, milk and plastic— and secure our license to operate in a cycle-oriented way

Danone wants to strengthen its strategic resources (Milk, Water, Plastic) and manage them in cycles rather than in the conventional linear way. This will  be achieved thanks to our new dedicated organization and in partnership with the company’s ecosystem (partners farmers, suppliers, NGOs and stakeholders)

This stream aims to both strengthen competitiveness and access to its essential resources while improving the sustainability of its life cycle. We aim for sustainable farming, healthier water cycles, net zero carbon and to give all our packaging a second life.

We want to build a more solid organization, better adapted to today's challenges, with the contribution of our 100,000 Danoners.

The Danone 2020 roadmap aims to reinforce our unique management model and to set up an innovative and forward-thinking organization for more connection with our outside environment. Our ambition is to become a purpose driven company with a collaborative, agile, open and learning organization where 100000 unique talents grow.

One Purpose Driven company means that we want to evolve from a Group to One Danone company driven by its Manifesto. With One Danone organization,   we will strengthen our organization by pooling expertise in order to create more collaboration, more effectiveness and business impact while remaining close to our markets