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Innovation means supporting Danone’s Fresh Dairy Products division in its commitment to producing high quality products. Whether in terms of nutritional benefits, taste, flavour or convenience, Danone’s fresh dairy products aim to be the item of choice for consumers. This means that innovation is a priority in many areas, in order to offer a unique product experience. From the quality of the milk and other ingredients, the search for sustainable industrial techniques through to the aesthetics of the product itself, innovation has a role to play. For decades now, Danone has been convinced of the benefits of yogurt in particular and fresh dairy products in general, and the company has continued to innovate so that these remain a pleasure to be shared by all.



Dairy foods are widely recognised as potential contributors to a balanced diet as well as an enjoyable eating experience.
Our Light & Free range contains 0% fat and 0% added sugar* at the same time as providing you with a great tasting yogurt 

*contains naturally occurring sugars




in each country, Danone uses the know-how of its teams to find innovations that correspond to the tastes, habits and nutritional needs of consumers.

To better identify these local specificities, Danone has developed a programme called NutriPlanet: a comprehensive analysis of data on attitudes to food and nutrition, including cultural and sociological issues. Thanks to this complete evaluation, Danone adapts and designs "the" product that best suits the local situation.

Activia succeeded in winning over consumers from Japan to Mexico and from Russia to the United States by tailoring its products to each nation: offering vegetable flavours in Japan, cactus in Mexico, kefir in Russia and “Greek-style” in the US.