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Innovations & Partnerships

As one of the World’s leading bottled water companies, Danone  wants to be part of the solution to help resolve the main water challenges. This is ambitious and requires us to work together with key stakeholders.

Fortunately ‘co-creation’ is part of Danone’s  DNA. We have a great track record in building, together with partners, innovative and sustainable business solutions. Pepenadores in Mexico, Klaten in Indonesia, APIEME in France, Deja Te huela in Argentina are examples of best practice that proof we know how to co-create real solutions.

This is what makes Danone unique and this is why we are confident we can make a real difference in helping to tackle the World’s main water challenges. Together.


Our products and brands are deeply rooted within local cultures and local hydration habits. We are proud to be close to our consumers and to offer them products and services that are locally relevant through the brands they love.

Danone Waters has developed new ways to reach its customers, getting close to them, by selling in the congested streets of Jakarta or Mexico City for example and sometimes even by delivering products right at people’s front door with the Aqua Home Services in Indonesia, Bonafont HOD in Mexico and EvianChezVous in France.

Through the launch of its award-winning small bottle (“the Drop”), Evian created access to entirely new channels like beauty salons.

In addition to the distribution of its products, Danone Waters  continues to raise public awareness of the importance of good hydration and the benefits of drinking water in all countries where it operates.



Over the last 7 years, Danone has invested more than €30 million in scientific research into the correlation between hydration and health.

Local programs ‘Eat Like a Champ’ (UK) and ‘Mum, dad I prefer water’ (Poland), were acknowledged for their impact on eating & drinking habits in children presented to the EU platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.


Through extensive research we have discovered that many people do not meet their recommended daily fluid intake. Up to 40% of the people in the markets where we operate do not meet these recommendations with up to one third drinking as little as 1.2 litres per day.

We actively promote water as the healthiest option but are convinced that variety and taste are essential to improve people’s hydration habits so we also offer a wide portfolio of choices.

Danone Aquadrinks are currently being reformulated to reduce the sugar content. For example Volvic Juiced now contains over 30% less sugar than its competitors*.


*Brandbank, 2016



Danone Waters have built an aquadrinks portfolio, based on our water-based brands. We believe in offering choice to our consumers at the same time as staying true to our core purpose.

Our water sources need to be protected and preserved and we have developed the expertise to do this with the support of many of our local and global partners. This means protecting the source's enviroment as well as its product. In addition we assure our packaging is 100% recyclable as part of our better world commitments.