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Nurturing the unique talents of 100 000 ’Danoners’ to improve performance and promote personal growth and fulfillment.

It is our 100,000 employees that makes Danone a successful company. As a result, we are passionate about creating the conditions which enable our employees to unleash their talents. We are aware that diversity brings innovation and agility to the company and we are creating the conditions for each person to be proud of their uniqueness and feel encouraged to express it, regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, social or educational background.

Also, to support their professional development and personal fulfillment, we are making Danone a great place to work and grow. Over the years, we have designed development programs to reveal the potential of our 100,000 employees and encourage their personal and professional empowerment.

DANONE ACADEMY: fostering professional empowerment

This program aims to accelerate business transformation, people growth and the sharing of Danone’s culture, through distinctive and multiple learning solutions. 


JAGUAR program: supporting young talents. 

This program offers young talents at Danone the opportunity to go to another country in their region for a three to six month assignment. Rolled out in the Americas and in Asia, it’s a great opportunity for our employees to be fast-tracked early on in their careers. 





FEMMES EVE Program: promoting women leadership

In 2010, Danone initiated the EVE women leadership program to give the opportunity for women to unleash their potential and be themselves. This cross-company initiative enables us to train more than 300 women and men each year on issues of gender equality, sharing responsibilities and the leadership of tomorrow.