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... which give BADOIT its unique, light natural sparkle. BADOIT BADOIT sparkling natural mineral water, is available in 50cl and 1l 100% recyclable PET bottles. BADOIT glass BADOIT sparkling natural mineral water, is available in beautiful 75cl glass bottles. BADOIT Intensely Sparkling BADOIT Rouge, intensely

... clean, crisp taste that helps you feel your unstoppable best. Our range Volvic Natural Mineral Water is available in refreshing plain still and sparkling formats. Volvic Touch of Fruit combines Volvic natural mineral water with delicious fruit flavours and is available in a wide range of flavours, including sugar-free varieties and

... children. The Waters division has fully embedded healthy hydration into its strategy. First, by putting waters on the market, offering still, sparkling, or naturally flavored and low-sugar aquadrinks (an alternative to sodas or sugary drinks). Second, by developing fun and  enticing bottles for ...