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Understanding eating and drinking practices ,Understanding eating and drinking practices Understanding eating and drinking practices UNDERSTANDING DRINKING & EATING PRACTICES In each country, the local ... partnership with Cirad FOODSTYLES STUDIES Analysis of

...   VILLA DEL SUR Villa del Sur, in Argentina, has made it the heart of its mission to support access to safe drinking water by installing water tanks in water-stressed regions. With the « Unidos for el agua » programme, for every litre of Villa del Sur that is purchased, the brand provides 10 liters of safe

SUSTAINABILITY ,SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability Each time we eat and drink we can vote for the world we want. Because our eating and drinking choices have an impact on our own health and also the health of our society and the health of our planet. So, at Danone we believe in ...

... That’s why Danone has decided to develop its core business by taking each aspect of food and drink consumption into consideration. This task is both difficult and multifaceted in today’s ... model at danone: from understanding to measuring engage with stakeholders Understand Eating & Drinking practices To develop solutions fit with the nutritional needs and sociocultural realities, ... alternatives To understand the reality of consumption, the dynamics between foods and

... medical nutrition for those at risk of disease-related malnutrition. High Protein Fortisip Compact Protein, a high protein and high energy drink with added vitamins and minerals, all in a small serving. Juice Style Fortijuce, a high-energy juice style drink with added vitamins and minerals. Dessert Style High in protein and energy, Forticreme Complete is a dessert-style oral nutritional supplement. ...

... people towards healthier hydration”. Our mission is built on our conviction that what you drink makes a difference to your health and that water is the healthiest beverage. Studies show that across the UK many people are not drinking enough fluid. Through our iconic water- and water-based -  brands we are committed to help ... to a billion people worldwide, raising awareness of healthy hydration and the benefits of

... the importance of good hydration and the benefits of drinking water in all countries where it operates. ... were acknowledged for their impact on eating & drinking habits in children presented to the EU platform ... not meet these recommendations with up to one third drinking as little as 1.2 litres per day. We actively ... we also offer a wide portfolio of choices. Danone Aqua

... to food habits. Measurements & Impacts of Children's Drinking Habits Public Health Context: Water is the ... Polish children (3 to 6 years old) towards healthier drinking behaviours. Key contacts: Romain Monrozier , ... program has long term (1 year) impact on children's drinking behaviours. Business Impact The project served to ... due to the healthy hydration messages. We improved

... Danone and WhiteWave aim to inspire better food & drink choices. By developing a world-leading dairy and ... revolution – changing the way we look at food and drink. A GREATER RANGE OF CHOICE When it comes to what and how we eat and drink, a growing number of us are making a conscious choice. We’re paying more attention to what we eat and

... and in every market we operate in. > DISCOVER Healthier lifestyles Going beyond food: through education programs, Danone promotes healthier drinking and eating habits and healthier lifestyles.     > DISCOVER Community relevant Understanding the communities that we serve is crucial in ...