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CULTURE & LOCAL ENGAGEMENT ,CULTURE & LOCAL ENGAGEMENT CULTURE AND LOCAL ENGAGEMENT Danone people actively ... and social project”, became a milestone in Danone company culture. This is what makes Danone a unique company with “something special inside”. Since then, our employees have shared the strong  values of Humanism, Openness, Pro

Our unique company ,Our unique company A unique company We're a company dedicated to achieving health through food for people ... people as possible. Danone, one of a kind We're a company dedicated to achieving health through food. And not ... This represents a rich array of geographies,

Our Culture & Leadership Style ,Our Culture & Leadership Style Our Culture & Leadership Style our culture & leadership style In 1972 in Marseille, Antoine Riboud explained his vision of the company's role by stating that economic and social goals are ... create economic, social and environmental value. OUR

... recommend a placement to anyone who is looking to experience a great place to work and grow."       > ... to what it means to work for a global FMCG company. I had real responsibility gaining invaluable experience, taking on projects that were value adding for the company."     > APPLY NOW   SUPPLY CHAIN "Spending a year here at Danone really focused my career into e

... organizations such as Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI) which is a global food chain initiative for sustainable agriculture.  To support the efforts of poor rural communities in ... du Monde. In 2015, this successful fund was extended to sustainably transform company supply chains while supporting smallholder farmers: ... and Veolia and is open to new partners able to e

... our 100,000 employees that makes Danone a successful company. As a result, we are passionate about creating the ... that diversity brings innovation and agility to the company and we are creating the conditions for each person to be proud of their uniqueness and feel encouraged to express it, regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, se

... journey. This hands-on pragmatism and small-scale experimental style are key to solving the complex social, economic and environmental challenges linked ... to our business where we are only just starting to explore the challenges that face us and solutions we ... part. Here are some of the topics we are currently e

... DIALOGUE Social dialogue: a springboard to sustainable success and company transformation As Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber says, “regular dialogue between management and labor are an integral part of Danone’s corporate culture and our dual commitment to social progress and business success.” ... lever to support employees in the on-going process to transform our

site map ,site map site map Discover! MISSION IN ACTION Our Heritage Danone in the UK Danone Whitewave Our unique company Four health centered businesses A global presence ... Healthier lifestyles Community Relevant Responsible company practices Better lives Better for our people ... Better world Climate Water Packaging Sustainable Agri

Desktop ,Desktop Related searches Welcome Publications ... Heritage Danone in the UK Danone Whitewave Our unique company Our Manifesto Our nutrition approach SUSTAINABILITY ... Family, Both Companies Work Together to Foster a Culture of Social Responsibility One yogurt, 100 years of ... Twitter Linkedin WESTERN EUROPE AUSTRIA BENELU