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Recruitment Process


Recruitment process

Our recruitment process is designed to help you understand if Danone is the right place for you,whilst ensuring that we find the right people for us.




Recruitment Process

There are 4 stages to our graduate programme recruitment process. We value the investment you put into your application process and want to ensure you are updated as regularly as possible. After we receive your application form, you will know if you have been shortlisted within seven days of applying. Following the numerical and verbal testing, we will also update you on your application within seven days. All successful applicants will be contacted after the video interview by the 15th November. If you make it to the Danone Leadership Academy, we will ensure you get the face-to-face feedback whether you are successful or not, to help you continue with your journey.




Research Danone to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of our mission and company culture.   Go over and above looking at the website! Visit stores, speak to people who have worked at Danone, check out the reviews in Rate My Placement and Jobcrowd 

We know these tests can be daunting and only test for your strengths in numerical and verbal reasoning.  As we are recruiting for leaders of the future, these skills are vital; from budget management to communicating with clarity.  You can get practice tests from  

We want to get to know you better and are looking for your strengths in communicating as well as remaining calm under pressure!  Do take a deep breath before answering.  We’re not expecting you to be word perfect




We run a briefing call a week before the DLA with lots of hints and tips. Make sure you participate, go over and above on your research and  be yourself!  We are not benchmarking you with other candidates but against our CODE behaviours