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... BETTER WORLD Globally we have prioritized four key areas in our Nature 2020 plan: Climate, Water, Packaging and Agriculture. We aim for sustainable farming, ... give all our packaging a second life. This is why we have identified four priorities in our Nature 2020 plan: Climate, Water, Packaging and . Here are our targets and achievements so far: >

... for external experts to provide governance advice around the core decisions we take on specific topics linked to sustainability. To build our ‘Nature’ strategy and maintain it relevant to our stakeholders, we created a consultative committee called the Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Board.  This permanent committee, composed of ten external sustainability experts, forms part of our

... and international non- profit organizations and academic partners. This collaborative journey started to accelerate in 2008 with the signature of the first partnership agreement between NGOs and business for the protection of wetlands. This partnership between Danone, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the International Union for the Conservation of

... a force for good resonates very strongly with Danone's heritage, purpose to inspire healthier, sustainable eating and drinking habits, and signature of One Planet.One Health.  Individual businesses can’t do this alone and we are happy to join the BCorp movement where the collective action ...

... drink, we can make a choice about our health and wellbeing. It is also a choice about the future we want to build - because food is grown in nature by people and has the potential to create inclusive growth and thriving communities around the world. But the way today’s global food system ... take an inclusive approach, and aim for a positive impact with everyone we work with and for. Better World –  Healthy food begins with healthy

... at the spring. It remains untouched by man during the whole bottling process. Uniquely Balanced evian Natural Mineral Water springs out as nature intended, naturally pure and uniquely balanced in minerals. evian 50cl evian is available in 100% recyclable PET bottles in 33cl, 50cl, 75cl, ... Evian-les-bains.  Share Share Events Don't miss these incredible events sponsored by Evian! Discover Discover Discover Evian's commitments to

... Danone position on Biodiversity and GMO Use 258.40 KB - 05/30/2016 UNIQUE BUSINESS APPROACH Co-creation at Danone 10.97 MB - 05/30/2016 Nature stakeholders strategic topics "materiality analysis" 271.08 KB - 05/30/2016 Danone Policy on Advocacy (lobbying) 152.51 KB - 05/30/2016

... of this planet, we have a duty of care to manage its resources responsibly and sustainably. RESEARCH IS OUR BEST ALLY Food is more than nature. It is the outcome of human endeavour, combining technological progress with deeper understanding of its value and its potential. PREPARING FOR ... We will stand together for a healthy planet and devote all our energies to protect and preserve the abundance of life and the variety of

... Climate At Danone we target Zero Net carbon through solutions co-created with Danone’s Ecosystems. Being a food company means we rely on nature, agriculture and the farmers to do our job. Therefore climate change is a particular concern for us, especially since this has a significant ... our ecosystem of farmers, suppliers, customers and local communities we can make our vision a reality. Reaching our goal also means helping

... preserve a healthy food cycle. Offering a healthier and more sustainable diet goes hand-in-hand with resilient farms that work in harmony with nature and generate economic and social value. Our sustainable agriculture goals are central to meeting this vision. We will develop new tools and ...